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Versace Eros Cologne By Versace for Men 0.16 oz mini edt

Versace Eros Cologne By Versace for Men 0.16 oz mini edt

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Brand: Versace

Color: blue

Binding: Health and Beauty


Meet Versace Eros Cologne for Men: Your Pocket-Sized Class

Envision an exceptional fragrance made only for folks who like inclination extravagant. That is Versace Eros Cologne, and prepare to be blown away. It's not only a smell; it's a little 0.16-oz bottle you can carry with you anywhere!

Why is it cool?

  1. Smells Amazing: Versace Eros Cologne doesn't simply smell lovely; it causes you to feel cool and extravagant. It resembles a small bottle of self-assurance.
  2. Simple to Carry Anywhere: This isn't some huge container that is difficult to convey. It's a smaller than normal EDT, and that implies it's minuscule, 0.16 oz to be definite. ideal for excursions or when you need to smell pleasant on the spot.
  3. Excellent Ingredients: Versace, the organization that made this cologne, utilized awesome stuff to make it. It smells fresh at first, then a little fancy, and then warm and pleasant for a long time.
  4. Fits Each Event: Whether you're showing up for an extravagant party or simply spending time with companions, this cologne works for everything. It resembles a clear-cut advantage for continuously smelling wonderful.
  5. Looks Extravagant As Well: The jug is little, but it looks truly cool. It has the Versace logo on it, causing it to feel like a small piece of extravagance you can heft around.





Who Can Utilize It:

Folks who like smelling pleasant absent a lot of fight.

 When to Utilize It: When you want to feel a little more opulent Made By: Versace, pick up Versace Eros Cologne if you want to smell amazing wherever you go. like having a cool fragrance pal that fits squarely in your pocket!

EAN: 0757764503796

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches

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