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Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Gift Set for Women

Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Gift Set for Women

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Brand: Versace


  • Gianni Versace For Women
  • Gianni Versace For Women Gift Set
  • Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Versace

Binding: Health and Beauty

Part Number: 209940


Step into the charming universe of Versace Bright Crystal, a scent made for the cutting edge lady by the notable Gianni Versace. Sent off in 2006, this fragrance resembles a flower orchestra that moves on your skin, leaving a path of style and charm.

Picture this: The fragrance opens with an explosion of newness, a mix of chilled accord, yuzu, and peony. It resembles a much needed refresher, sensitive and elevating. As the scent unfurls, magnolia joins the sythesis, adding a dash of womanliness that is both delicate and strong.

In any case, that is not all — there's a more profound layer to this scent. Envision traces of musk, pomegranate, acajou, and lotus blossoms meeting up to make a complex and erotic experience. It's a scent that waits as well as has an effect, making you remarkable.

What's more, since Versace realizes that genuine extravagance is in the subtleties, this set incorporates a movement estimated body moisturizer. Envision spoiling your skin with this extravagant moisturizer, supplementing the scent and leaving you perfumed as well as feeling sustained.

In this way, enjoy the style of Versace's Bright Crystal. It's not only a scent; it's an encounter — a festival of your internal brilliance and the ideal ally for each event.

EAN: 8856461541338

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches

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