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Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Eau De Perfume Spray, 3.3 Ounces

Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Eau De Perfume Spray, 3.3 Ounces

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Experience Rebel Elegance with Rihanna Reb'l Fleur | Floral Eau De Perfume.

Brand: Rihanna

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory


  • Revel in Captivating Rebel Elegance
  • Confidence Unleashed in Every Spritz
  • Gift Uniqueness with Rihanna Reb'l Fleur
  • Floral Elegance, Unapologetic Presence
  • Embrace Your Bold Femininity

Part Number: 190529776

A Floral Symphony with an Edgy Twist: Let the allure of Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Eau De Perfume Spray transport you into a realm of sophistication. Picture the tantalizing notes of red berries and peach, weaving a rebellious twist into the floral symphony. Dive into the heart of violets, hibiscus, and coconut, creating not just a scent but an invitation to embrace your inner rebel.

Confidence Unleashed in Every Spray: Rihanna Reb'l Fleur isn't just a fragrance; it's a celebration of unapologetic femininity. With each carefully crafted spritz, confidence becomes your signature. Whether you're gearing up for a glamorous event or a laid-back day out, this Eau De Perfume is more than a perfume – it's a symbol of bold elegance.

Unwrapping a Bouquet of Uniqueness: On the hunt for a gift as unique as your loved one? Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Eau De Perfume Spray is the answer. Beyond the exquisite bottle lies a fragrance that transcends the ordinary. It's not just a gift; it's an expression of uniqueness. Share the essence of individuality with Rihanna Reb'l Fleur and witness the joy of unwrapping a bouquet of sophistication.

EAN: 0608940543313

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches

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