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Dylan Blue Pour Femme 3 Pcs Gift Set

Dylan Blue Pour Femme 3 Pcs Gift Set

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Brand: Versace


  • Eau de Perfume


Meet Dylan Blue Pour Femme by Versace - it resembles wizardry in a jug! This extravagant fragrance is tied in with causing you to feel astounding and sure.

Smells like a fantasy:

Envision the main whiff resembles an eruption of yummy blackcurrant sorbet. It's sweet and cool, very much like a mid year treat.

Then, at that point, there's the new smell of a Granny Smith apple. It resembles taking a major chomp of the crispiest apple of all time.

Following up, there are a lot of blossoms that cause you to feel exquisite and pretty. It resembles having a lot of blossoms with you the entire day.

At last, it closes with a comfortable smell, similar to wood. The ideal consummation makes the scent stay close by yet not excessively solid.

Your Extraordinary Aroma:

Consider this scent your distinct advantage. Whether you're hitting up a party or simply draping out, a little spritz of Dylan Blue Pour Femme causes you to feel additional unique.

For Any Event:

You can wear this aroma whenever, anyplace. Like having an extravagant embellishment matches everything.

Feel Sure and Blissful:

At the point when you wear Dylan Blue Pour Femme, it resembles an increase in certainty. You feel significantly better, smell wonderful, and can take on the world.

Simple to Utilize:

A tiny bit of spritz on your wrists or neck, and you're all set. It's really simple to utilize, and the smell endures quite a while.

Attempt It and Love It:

It's not only a fragrance; it's a tomfoolery experience. Attempt Dylan Blue Pour Femme, and perceive how it can fill your heart with joy some additional unique.

Thus, go on, partake in the sorcery of Dylan Blue Pour Femme and let the world smell how great you are!

EAN: 8011003843558

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