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Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.6 Ounces

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.6 Ounces

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Brand: ARMAF

Color: Clear


- Size: 3.6 oz Eau De Toilette
- Package Dimensions: 6"L x 3"W x 6"H
- Country of Origin: United States
- Binding: Health and Beauty

Product Details:

Find the attractive appeal of Club de Nuit Extreme for Men by Armaf, an aroma that is not only a fragrance; it's an encounter. Sent off in 2015, it has turned into a go-to decision, celebrated as the ideal option in contrast to Ideology Aventus for Men. Allow me to take you on an excursion through the embodiment of this enthralling scent.

What makes it extraordinary:

  • An Eruption of Newness: The primary whiff resembles an energetic symphony of lemon, dark currant, apple, and bergamot. It resembles a moment's increase in energy, making way for what's to come.
  • Sincere Tastefulness: As the scent unfurls, you'll track down a delightful mix of rose, jasmine, and birch. It's not only a fragrance; it's an inclination — modern and welcoming, ideal for any event.
  • A Path of Warmth: The enchanted waits with base notes of vanilla, ambergris, musk, and patchouli. Like a warm hug stays with you over the course of the day, having a feeling that is difficult to neglect.
  • Adjusts to You: From meeting room gatherings to supper dates, this scent is your adaptable buddy. It easily suits any setting, mirroring the certainty and style of the cutting edge man. 

Looks as Great as It Smells: The container is more than bundling; it's an assertion. Smooth, slick, and mirroring the quintessence inside — it's a visual portrayal of the complexity this scent brings to your life.

Club de Nuit Serious isn't simply a cologne; it's your signature, an undetectable adornment that finishes your look. Imagine leaving a room and individuals recalling that you for your presence as well as for the enrapturing trail you abandon. That is the Club de Nuit Extreme experience — spellbinding, noteworthy, and evidently you.

EAN: 0723168968691

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches

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