How to Identify Fake Davidoff Cool Water Woman Perfume

How to Identify Fake Davidoff Cool Water Woman Perfume


The allure of designer fragrances is undeniable, and Davidoff's Cool Water Woman perfume is no exception. Unfortunately, the popularity of this fragrance has led to the proliferation of counterfeit versions flooding the market. In this guide, we'll walk you through key indicators to help you spot fake Davidoff Cool Water Woman perfume and ensure you're getting the genuine scent you desire.

1. Duration of the Scent:

One of the most telling signs of a fake Davidoff Cool Water Woman perfume is the longevity of the scent. While the initial fragrance of a fake may seem similar to the original in the first 10 minutes, it quickly fades away. In contrast, the authentic scent persists for up to 24 hours, especially on clothing.

2. Price Discrepancy:

Authentic Davidoff Cool Water Woman perfume typically retails for around $30. Be cautious of prices significantly lower than this, as they often indicate counterfeit products. Fake versions tend to be priced around $20, enticing unsuspecting buyers with a seemingly good deal.

3. Box Discrepancies:

a. Text Thickness: Examine the front of the perfume box closely. Authentic boxes have thicker text for the 100 ml indication, while fake boxes use thinner text. This is a subtle yet significant difference.

b. Serial Number and Lot Number: On the bottom of the box, check the serial number and the lot number located within the QR code quadrant. The serial number on the original box is smaller and thinner, while the fake version has a thicker and larger serial number. Additionally, the lot number on the genuine box is horizontal, whereas it's vertical on the fake.

4. Bottle Details:

a. Label Placement: Inspect the perfume stick or label on the bottle. The genuine Davidoff Cool Water Woman perfume will have the text "Davidoff Cool Water Woman" placed higher on the label compared to the fake, where it's lower.

b. Bottom of the Bottle: Look inside the bottle at the round risk or symbol. On the fake perfume, this mark is smaller, while on the original, it's larger. This is another subtle yet telling difference.

c. Serial Number on Bottle: Authentic bottles have a black serial number on the back of the bottle near the cap. If this element is missing, you're likely dealing with a counterfeit.

5. Consistency between Serial Numbers:

To confirm the authenticity of your perfume, ensure that the serial number on the bottle matches the one on the bottom of the box. If these numbers don't match, it's a strong indicator that the product is a fake.


When it comes to purchasing high-end fragrances like Davidoff Cool Water Woman, it's essential to be vigilant. Counterfeit perfumes not only deliver an inferior experience but can also be potentially harmful. By paying attention to the scent's longevity, price, box details, and bottle markings, you can protect yourself from falling victim to fake products and enjoy the true essence of this iconic fragrance.
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