Discover Arab Luxury Perfume: Lattafa Pride and the Enigmatic Shaheen

Discover Arab Luxury Perfume: Lattafa Pride and the Enigmatic Shaheen


Arab perfumery has a rich and storied history that spans centuries, and it continues to captivate fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. Among the prominent names in the world of Arab luxury perfume is Lattafa, renowned for its commitment to authenticity, quality, and a captivating collection of scents. In this blog post, we'll explore the exquisite fragrance that is Lattafa Pride, with a special focus on its alluring Shaheen variant. Dive into the world of authentic Arab perfumery, discover the best collection, and learn how you can get your hands on these exceptional scents at the best prices with fast shipping.

Arab Perfume: A Timeless Tradition

Arab perfumery is more than just an industry; it's a cultural and artistic expression that has been perfected over generations. It's no surprise that Arab perfumes are highly sought-after for their unique blends, authenticity, and longevity.

Lattafa Pride: A Glimpse into Excellence

Lattafa, a prominent name in the world of Arab luxury perfumery, boasts a stunning collection of fragrances, each meticulously crafted to perfection. One standout offering in their lineup is Lattafa Pride. Let's take a closer look at its magical variant: Shaheen.

Shaheen Perfume: An Olfactory Journey

Perfume Base: Musk, Oakmoss, Amber

Heart: Rose, Patchouli

Top: Cassis, Bergamot

Shaheen is a fragrance that takes you on a journey through a garden in full bloom on a crisp morning. At the heart of this scent lies the enchanting essence of rose and patchouli, which beautifully complement the top notes of cassis and bergamot, creating an initial burst of freshness that is both invigorating and uplifting. As the fragrance settles, the deep and rich base notes of musk, oakmoss, and amber emerge, wrapping you in a warm and sensual embrace that lingers throughout the day.

Authenticity at Its Core

What sets Lattafa Pride, and particularly Shaheen, apart is their commitment to authenticity. Arab perfumery takes pride in using natural ingredients, and Lattafa is no exception. Every bottle of Lattafa perfume is a testament to the craftsmanship and tradition of the region, ensuring that you experience the true essence of Arabian scents.

The Best Collection at Unbeatable Prices

Lattafa's collection of fragrances goes beyond Shaheen. They offer an array of scents that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer a floral, woody, or oriental fragrance, Lattafa has something to offer. The best part? Their perfumes are competitively priced, making luxury accessible to all fragrance enthusiasts.

Fast Shipping for Your Convenience

When you find a fragrance that speaks to your soul, waiting for it to arrive can be excruciating. Lattafa understands this, and they offer fast shipping options to ensure you get your hands on your favorite scents without delay. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to a world of luxurious aromas.


Lattafa Pride, especially the captivating Shaheen variant, is a testament to the artistry and authenticity of Arab perfumery. If you're looking to experience the best collection of Arab luxury perfumes at unbeatable prices and with fast shipping, Lattafa is the brand to explore. Allow the enchanting scents to transport you to a world of tradition, elegance, and timeless beauty. Embrace the essence of Arab luxury perfume with Lattafa Pride and experience the magic for yourself.

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